Letter from the President: stress

We interpreters are constantly on the go.  We expend considerable mental energy and time on preparation, acquainting ourselves with a wide range of highly technical subjects, making our own travel arrangements whilst trying to keep our work-life balance on an even keel.

A statistical portrait 2005-2009

Demography, stress, language needs, market demand and workload are just some of the elements contributing to a panoramic view of an association with over 2900 members spread across 99 countries. This executive summary covers some of the highlights for the private market gleaned from responses to the online questionnaire for the year 2009. For the first time, it examines market evolution over a 5-year period.

Overview of organisations - 2010

Growing by leaps and bounds: the Staff Interpreters’ Committee extends its reach. The AIIC Staff Interpreters’ Committee annual meeting was marked by record-breaking attendance with strong participation of new members and freelance observers. Discussions in Brussels ranged from the need for solidarity with interpreters in conflict zones to the desire for better governance and communication across our professional association.

Language in the news

Our searchlight shines on the controversy surrounding certification, books, webcasts, blogs and apps, and much more in the wide world of words.